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Welcome to Mongolia - Home of Legendary Nomads


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Treasures of Mongolia

travel mongoliaDuration:18 days/17 nights
Hot spots: Karakorum, Khorgo volcano, Uvs lake basin, Altai, Khustai National Park, Erdenezuu Monastery, Tsenkher Hot Spa, Khorgo National Park, Terkhiin Tsagaan Lake, Khyargas Lake, Kazakh nomadic family
Travel season: 01.June-01.September

Day 1. Arrive in Ulaanbaatar and city tour
Meet at airport and transfer to hotel in UB city. After relax, will be day tour exploring Ulaanbaatar. It starts from Sukhbaatar square a central point and spirit of the capital city. Next move is Zaisan hill with panoramic view of whole city and Gandan monastery with its gold plated 26 m Bodhisattva statue decorated with precious stones. After lunch in fine restaurant will be excursion to the Natural history museum, where the biggest dinosaur skeletons in the world and the precious fossilized dinosaur eggs and bones found in Gobi Desert are kept intact. Overnight at hotel.

Day 2. Tour to Khustai National Park

Drive to Khustai National Park 100 km away from UB to see the Przewalski wild horses, recently re-introduced back to Mongolia. Visit the local information center for learn about the history of the last pure wild horses and the history of the area. Overnight in tourist Ger camp.

Day 3. Ancient capital city and Erdenezuu Monastery
After breakfast drive to ancient capital of Mongolian Empire, which founded Chinggis Khaan and was one of the stops along the legendary “Silk road”. Look around now day little town Karakorum and see historical towel on the hill. Visit to Erdene Zuu monastery of 16th century, built on the site of the legendary capital city, using their bricks and stones from the ruins of Karakorum. Overnight in tourist Ger camp.

Day 4. Tsenkher Hot Spa

Drive to Tsenkher Hot Spa with a temperature of 86.5 degrees Celsius. Possibility to bathing in hot spa at the camp. After Lunch visit to Yak breeder’s family and experience the traditional customs and lifestyle of local residents. Overnight in tourist Ger camp.

Day 5. Khorgo National Park

Drive to extinct volcano Khorgo National park. On the way visit to picturesque River Chuluut /Canyon/. Khorgo is a dormant volcanic mountain. Overnight in tourist Ger camp.

Day 6. Terkhiin Tsagaan Lake
Visit pristine Nature of Khorgo National Park. Walk to volcano crater of 200 m wide and 100 m deep. After lunch visit to Terkhiin Tsagaan Lake was formed when volcanic lava dammed the Suman River, cutting a large gorge through the basalt. It is an astonishingly beautiful lake, 20 km long 16 km wide and 10 m deep with an altitude of 2060m above sea level. Overnight in tourist Ger camp.   

Day 7. Zavkhan province
Drive to Tosontsengel. Visit nomadic family of ethnic group. Introduce to the nomadic lifestyle as well as particular and unique culture traditions and history of western Mongolian ethnic people. Overnight in tent.

Day 8. Khyargas Lake
Drive to Khyargas Lake. After lunch at camp excursion to Lake Khyargas and their surrounding unique landscape. Overnight in tourist Ger camp.

Day 9. Golden sand dune
Visit Golden sand dune Buurug with sand wood and seaborne. It is locating least north of the earth.
Overnight in tourist Ger camp.

Day 10. Uvs lake basin
Drive to Uvs lake basin, strictly protected area and World heritage place. It is a unique place to enjoy different natural zone in one place, including the sand dune of the Gobi zone, open and mountain steppes, forest and high mountains. Day trip to Uvs lake, the biggest /3350sq km/ and saltwater Lake in Mongolia, with an altitude of 743 m. Overnight in tourist Ger camp.

Day 11. Kharkhiraa mountain

Drive to Kharkhiraa mountain. Hiking, trekking and horse riding in the north Taiga. After lunch at local restaurant in Ulaangom city visit Chandmani Mountain in Ulaangom. Overnight in local hotel.

Day 12. Turgen mountain
Excursion to one of the Mongolia’s most pristine areas and enjoying its beauty. Visit nomadic family of Durvud ethnic group. Overnight in tourist Ger camp.

Day 13. Bayan-Olgii
Drive via border town Tsagaan Nuur to Olgii. Kazakhs are the main inhabitants of this area. Their Ger and clothing are colorful decorated by traditional ornaments. Overnight in tourist Ger camp.

Day 14. Kazakh nomadic family
On this day you will visit a Kazakh nomadic family and will experience the traditional lifestyle of the Kazakh Mongolians. One of the unique traditions of the Kazakh people is hunting with eagles. Overnight in tourist Ger camp.

Day 15. Altai mountain
You will enjoy a picturesque landscape of Altai mountain chain, snow covered mountains and the magnificent  natural scenery. On the way visit a nomadic family of Uuld ethnic group for introduces their traditions and culture. Overnight in tourist Ger camp.

Day 16. Flight back to Ulaanbaatar
Flight back to UB. Transfer to hotel. Leisure time for shopping etc. Before dinner evening art performance. This fascinating folklore performance includes traditional folk song, throat singing, beauty melody of horse fiddle, ethnic dances and artistic contortion. Overnight in hotel.

Day 17. Day tour in UB city
Visit to Bogd Khan Palace museum. The Palace was the home of last Mongolian Bogd Khan, eight reincarnations, and consists of a complex of temples with beautiful tankhas and taxidermy and the Bogd’s Europian style home, which is filled with such wonders as a ger covered in snow-leopard furs, gifts to the Bogd Khan from world leaders, and stuffed seals. After lunch at restaurant excursion to new build huge Statue of Chinggis Khan. Overnight in hotel.

Day 18. Departure back Mongolia
After breakfast transfer to departure



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