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southern mongolia

The Gobi zone in the South part of the country has insufficient water resources and because of the Gobi area appears to be lack of plant life. However, the sparse grasses of the Gobi soil provide very nutritious food for animals.

1. Earth stone

2. Sum Khukh Burd

3. Ongi temple

4. The Khongor sand dune - National Park

5. The Eagle Valley - National park

6. Three Beauty Mountain

7. Great Gobi

8. Bayanzag - Flaming cliffs

Dinosaur’s nest which dated back to 70 million year has found in Mongolian Gobi.

Dinosaur’s nest which dated back to 70 million year has found in Mongolian Gobi. In the nest there were 10 complete fossils of 15 offspring of plant-eating dinosaur which has 3 horns. According to scientists’ report, height is as a sheep and age could be up to 1 year old. David Festovsky, Scientist of Rhode Island University said “when flesh –eating dinosaur attacked, the nest was crumbled”. He did not say more information except it has found in Mongolian gobi. Currently, the remains are under Paleontology institute of Mongolian Science Academy. This news will be published on World paleontology journal at the end of this month.


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