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Welcome to Mongolia - Home of Legendary Nomads


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Ancient Mongolia
1000 000 -750 000 BC Ancient culture archeological finding
500 -100 BC Hunnu Mongolian Empire
200 BC Hunnu Mongolian reaches Yellow river in China
Tian Shan in the west, Korea in the east and from Great wall to Baikal sea
98 AD Nunnu Mongolian collapsed
250 AD - 402 Sumbe Mongolian State
410-510 AD Toba Mongolian State
555- 745 AD Tureg Kingdom
750-840 Uigur Mongolian State
901-1120 Mongolian State

The Mongol Empire
1162 Temujin is birth-dated as a son of Esuhei.
1206 Temujin established the Great Mongolian State and he was crowned as Chinggis Khaan
1227 Chinggis Khaan death.
1229 Chinggis Khaan's third son Ugudei was proclaimed as second Mongolian Khaan
1211-1274 The Mongol Empire was the most powerful nation on world
1368 The Mongol Empire began to fall
1400-1450 Civil war
1578 Altan Khaan converted into Buddhism
1691 Manchu Empire conquered Khalha Mongolia
1752 Manchu Empire took West Mongolia
1911 Independence from Manchu

Socialist Mongolia
1921 The people's revolution
1924 Proclamation of Mongolia, first Constitution Adoption
1924 Bogd Khan death
1961 Member of UN

Democratic Mongolia
1990 pro-Democracy protect
1992 new democratic Constitution Adoption


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